An object-oriented HTTP/1.1 client (PHP 5.4+)

Version 0.6.0


  • Requires no cURL/libcurl dependency; Artax manually implements HTTP over TCP sockets
  • Retains persistent "keep-alive" connections
  • Transparently follows redirects
  • Requests and decodes gzipped entity bodies
  • Provides access to raw headers and messages
  • Streams request and response entity bodies for hands-on memory management
  • Supports all standard and custom request methods
  • Offers full cookie support via the Cookie extension
  • Trivializes submitting multipart and form-encoded HTML forms with the FormBody API.
  • Provides fully customizable and secure-by-default TLS (https://) support
  • Provides serial, synchronous parallel and event-driven parallel retrieval
  • Exposes a simple subject/observer API for plugins and extensions

  • © Daniel Lowrey 2013